31 October 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Well, Lorelei has been born! As a matter of fact she is now 5 months old. We have been all been enjoying her presence and beautiful personality. She seems to be taking after Gideon and is a bit of a chunk. But she's almost always happy!
Kaitlyn just turned two and we got her a Build-a-Bear that she takes with her everywhere. She also enjoys coloring and has endless areas to color on. Walls, doors, funiture and of course, the babies head. Lorelei didn't really enjoy that one. Gideon is still enthusiastic as ever and enjoys helping mommy with the "Baby Lorelei" and cleaning. He likes playing Mario Brothers and stealing the coloring books from Kaitlyn when she's not looking. Or when she is. We're still trying to teach him to share.
Gjanden has a new job with a company called "Legally Mine." He's enjoying the new challenges it presents to him. As for me, I'm taking a couple of classes at UVU and have a rather love/hate relationship with them. I love getting out of the house and learning new things, I hate having to spend some of my only "me" time doing homework for those classes. Still debating with myself if I want to go back next semester or not.
And now! Feast your eyes on some of the fun pictures we've taken in the past few months.

This is what Lorelei looked like after Kaitlyn drew on her head with the washable markers.

30 April 2011

3 Weeks away...

Well, we are 3 weeks away from bringing the newest member into the world so I thought I'd update everybody with some fun pictures and such since I probobly won't have much time afterwards.

Kaitlyn Pointing out the Easter eggs in the yard.

Me helping Kaitlyn find the Easter eggs.

Gideon finding an Easter Egg.

Kaitlyn helping us clean up after the Easter egg hunt and dinner.

Gjanden with a drinking problem.

Gjanden saw the back of his head and how the bald spot had gotten bigger. He then made me shave the rest of it off.

This is Gideon trying to make circles with his fingers around his eyes. He's been trying new things lately.

Gideon has started getting some sort of an allergic reaction to something in the house. He's broken out in hives like this 3 times now. It will be on his face (but not near the mouth), his arms, hands, legs and feet...but nowhere on the torso. The Doctors can't seem to figure that one out either.

Gideon and Kaitlyn chillen out on the sofa together. It's so much fun to see them playing with each other.

Me, very pregnant. This is about 5 weeks before my due date. We measured me from front to back and the belly is 15 inches long!

No, it's not blood. I gave Kaitlyn some juice while I tried to find her some clothes and when I came back she was dribbling the juice out of her mouth and down the rest of her body. She was having a LOT of fun.

28 December 2010

Temple Square

Tonight we went to temple square to see the lights. We also ate at Sigfrieds, a German restaraunt about a block away from the square. While we were eating Kaitlyn decided that we weren't putting food in her mouth fast enough and did one of her high pitched screams. About a minute later an old lady comes into view telling somebody that she was certain that there was a dog or puppy in the restaraunt that was being tortured! When she saw Kaitlyn and heard her scream again, she looked at us and said that she was so relieved! Hahaha!
The kids loved the lights and Kaitlyn would actually stop crying when she passed under a tree that was all lit up and would start cooing instead. Gideon liked the statues of the sheep and cows and they both loved the Christus.
Hopefully I'll have some pictures for it soon. Until then, enjoy the visual of us torturing a poor puppy! We're so mean. :)